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Manage your IT Assets in the Cloud

SNB Apps IT Asset Management (ITAM) monitors the information on both tangible and intangible assets for each end user in your organisation in real time. This allows your organisation to resolve compliance issues and to optimise the IT budget. SNB Apps ITAM will ultimately assist you with the management of IT asset life cycles (procure, deploy, manage, retire of IT assets).

SNB Apps ITAM is an application running on a cloud computing platform, which leverages the leading cloud technologies such as and Google Apps. This state-of-the-art platform will help your existing IT infrastructure take full advantage of the cloud computing environment. 

SNB Apps ITAM provides a comprehensive interface for IT administrators to view all their IT asset status reports in one single place. Also, you can have fully customized dashboards for your company.

SNB Apps ITAM supports multiple operating systems from Windows XP, Vista and 7 to Linux and Unix. Virtually all of your computer hardware and software assets can be audited in real time.

SNB Apps ITAM can also detect unlicensed software, hence enforce license compliance, by enabling your organization to track and manage any future risks. SNB Apps ITAM is the ultimate IT asset management solution, made easy by cloud computing.

SNB Apps IT Asset Management Features 

Hardware Asset Management

·      Real-time hardware monitoring through agent software

·      Hardware purchasing record and allocation

Software Asset Management

·      Software real-time tracking

·      Software installation status checking

·      Software purchasing records

Compliance Policy Management

·      Shortage management by department, license, and software vendor

·      Unauthorised software alarm

 Agent Status Reports

·      Automatic patch and update

·      Agent status check (shows last update)

 Dynamic Reporting

·      IT asset dashboards with graphical charts

·      IT asset daily email report

·      Customisable reports

 Dynamic Workflow

·      Email alerts on asset or owner changes

·      Custom workflow design for company-specific rules

Security for Offline Assets

·      Scan unlimited offline assets with one USB flash drive

·      No installation plug-and-play 

Multi-Language Support

·      Up to 17 languages (Admin Console)

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