Custom Apps

Have you ever wanted to have a nicely tailored application just for your business, but couldn't find any? Tried to ask your IT team or a system integrator or to develop it yourself but got stuck with all the issues with hardware purchases, software configurations, time and cost?

You can now build your own custom business applications without worrying about it all. Using the latest Cloud Computing technologies, SNB apps can help you create the applications just for your needs with no such hassles. The infrastructure is already built and optimised "as a service." All you need to do is just let us know what you want, and you will have your highly flexible, robust application developed, customised, and deployed 5 times faster at 1/2 the cost than the traditional Java or .NET applications.

White Papers Clould Platform Drives Huge Time to Market and Cost Savings
(IDC, September 2009)

5 Reasons CIOs are Adopting Cloud Computing in 2009: Application Development that's 5 Times Faster at 1/2 the Cost (, January 2009)

Customers Report is 5.1 Times Faster than Traditional Application Development Platforms Certified Advanced Developer

Custom Application Development in the Cloud