CRM Apps

Growing your business is the first and foremost goal for a company of any shapes and sizes. In times like these, nobody can afford to purchase one of those expensive CRM packages. Nobody wants to spend months (or sometimes more than a year!) for installing hardware and software, developing in-house application or customising a complex CRM package which is not designed for your business in the first place.

With SNB Apps, you can now create your very own killer apps which your sales people and managers will love to use -- with no software, no hardware, no hassle. SNB Apps leverages the cutting-edge Cloud Computing technologies such as and Google in order to increase your bottom line with the right CRM solution right now. Following are some of the most common CRM apps that we can deliver for you:

  • Sales Force Automation - Opportunity, Contact, Activity Management
  • Partner Relationship Management - Reseller, Distributor, Franchise Management
  • Marketing Campagin and Lead Management
  • Customer Service and Support Management
  • Customer Portals, Knowledge Management
  • Enduser-friendly Analytics and Dashboards
  • Mobile CRM
  • and many more!
" sought to solve [...] inefficiencies in the software industry. Enterprise software was exorbitantly expensive and onerous to implement, and, in the end, it didn't work very well. [...] Forget smaller customers; they couldn't even afford it."
- Michael Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell


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