Web Apps

Today, everything happens on the Web. Your customers first come to your Web site before they meet any of your employees. Not only for your prospects and customers, but also for your own employees and your business partners, the Web is the most important platform for your business applications.

Building Web applications has not been easy as you would expect, however. You had to have servers and network equipments. You had to purchase software such as operating systems, databases, web servers, application servers, development tools, and so on. When the usage of the application grows, you had to invest more money on upgrades and maintenance. All of this reality prevented you from leveraging the great Web platform creatively for your business.

Not anymore. With a little bit of help from SNB Apps and the state-of-the-art Cloud Computing technology such as Force.com and Google, you can build any Web applications faster than you could ever imagine. All you need is your ideas, and your dream app will be delivered on the Web without any of operational headache and wasted cost. SNB Apps can help you build Web apps such as:

  • Various Web portals for your customers, prospects, and communities
  • Online product catalogues
  • Membership management
  • Intranet applications
  • and any other data applications on the Web!

Force.com Certified Advanced Developer

Apex & Visualforce

Build your Web apps in the Cloud