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Salesforce - Campaign Monitor Integration

SNB Apps Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce
is the first solution on the market for integrating and Campaign Monitor, leveraging Salesforce platform's native technologies and Campaign Monitor API.



For marketing users:

  • Add subscribers to your Campaign Monitor lists directly from Salesforce contacts & leads
  • Access Campaign Monitor interface within Salesforce UI 
  • Retrieve email open, click, unsubscribe, and bounce information from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce campaign, contact and lead records
  • Retrieve up-to-date active subscribers information for the lists from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce

For sales users:

  • Add your contacts and leads to company's Campaign Monitor subscriber list directly from Salesforce real-time
  • View email campaign results (sent, open, click) data in Campaign History in contact and lead detail pages
  • View subscribed lists, unsubscribes, and bounce information in contact and lead detail pages

For Salesforce system admin:

  • 100% Salesforce native; no external component to manage
  • Seamless integration and user experience
  • Leverage standard reporting and dashboard functionality for reports on list subscription, campaign results
  • Integration with Salesforce Web-to-Lead, subscribing leads automatically to desired subscriber lists

Free Trial

For a free trial for SNB Apps Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce, please visit the installation site using the following links:

The free trial link will redirect to the installation package hosted on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. Please enter appropriate Salesforce credentials to install our package into your Salesforce org if prompted.

The trial is free for 30 days for up to 5 users in your Salesforce organization. If you wish to try our full version of this product, please contact us or you can purchase the license online.



For more tips and advanced information on how to manage and use SNB Apps Campaign Monitor Connector for Salesforce, please check out our new blog: Salesforce + Campaign Monitor.

Salesforce - Microsoft Integration

SNB Apps provides pre-configured integration solutions for today’s enterprises and on-demand applications. These solutions offer out-of-the-box connectivity to specific applications, and pre-configured integration setups for the most common integration scenarios, in order to integrate your Salesforce application with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and SQL Server-based applications.

Our Cloud integration platform enables customers to rapidly complete application-specific integrations using a “configuration, not coding” approach. By using a pre-configured set-up, rather than starting from scratch with complex software tools and writing lots of code, enterprises complete business-critical projects within short time rather than months.

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