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SNB Apps: Smart Nimble Business Applications for You

SNB Apps is one of the leading Consulting Partners in Asia Pacific with the best expertise and experience, based in Singapore. As a Certified Advanced Developer, we implement highly-tailored solutions for various businesses leveraging cutting-edge Cloud Computing (or Software-as-a-Service) technologies. We also provide various package solutions including vertical CRM apps built on, Email Campaign Monitor for Salesforce, RapidiOnline Data Integration Solutions, and netkiller IT Asset Management.


Han Sung Yup, Director & Founder of SNB Apps is a Certified Salesforce Consultant and Certified Advanced Developer. He has developed the world's first commercial connector between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor, and implemented some of the most advanced and complex business applications using the Salesforce platform. 

Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner AppExchange Services Listing:
RapidiOnline Business Partner

RapidiOnline Business Partner

SNB Apps (Pte Ltd) - Company No.: 201005396H