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Connector for Salesforce + Campaign Monitor

Connector for Salesforce + Campaign Monitor is built 100% natively and optimised for the Salesforce Cloud and the Campaign Monitor API, enabling you to seamlessly integrate two of the most popular Cloud applications!

Smart. Nimble. Business. Apps.

SNB Apps revolutionises your business by transforming your out-of-date business software environment to a world-class cloud computing environment with the applications tailored just for your business.

SNB Apps is an independent software application consulting and development services company based in Singapore. However, we do not develop software applications in a traditional (inflexible and expensive) way. The applications we develop are build upon the cutting-edge Cloud Computing (or Software-as-a-Service) technology, enabling businesses of all sizes build the reliable, secure world-class applications 5 times faster at 1/2 the cost* than traditional Java or .NET applications.

* 5 Reasons CIOs are Adopting Cloud Computing in 2009: Application Development that's 5 Times Faster at 1/2 the Cost

"The worldwide recession has had multiple, arresting effects [...], as [Larry] Ellison has publicly acknowledged: IT budgets have been slashed; executives have pulled back on spending for new software licenses, projects and upgrades; enterprises have refocused their attention on which IT applications are delivering value and which aren't; and enterprise software maintenance and support fees are under the microscope like never before."
- Computerworld, October 2009

What Is Cloud Computing?

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